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Montechema Firearms

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The Montechema Firearms “Skull” T-Shirt is a customer favorite. The front of the shirt features the skull variant of the Montechema logo, and the back features an excerpt from the "A New Look at Nine Years with the Indians" book. 

Cannibalism of the Tonkaways:

"A great many of the dying enemy were gasping for water, but we heeded not their pleadings, we scalped them, amputated their arms, cut off their legs, cut out their tongues, and threw their mangled bodies and limbs upon their own camp fire, put on more brushwood and piled the living, dying and dead Tonkaways on the fire. Some of them were able to flinch and work as a worm, and some were able to speak and plead for mercy. We piled them up, put on more wood, and danced around in great glee as we saw the grease and blood run from their bodies, and were delighted to see them swell up and hear the hide pop as it would burst in the fire."

-Herman Lehman, Indian Captive (1870 - 1879)